Let’s Look at Ten Million HP Planet

  1. Pick a cool name. Alright, easy enough. Let’s go with Grabnock. The rules suggest giving yourself a sick title, so let’s just go ahead and say it’s The Destroyer. So our character’s full name and title is Grabnock, The Destroyer.
  2. The second step is to pick a power type. The game let’s you decide on anything you like to be a power type, but it does give you a few suggestions such as Magic, Inventions, or Physical Strength. Since we have complete freedom to make whatever we want, let’s go ahead and make their power Nuclear Fusion-Fueled Sick-Nasty-Wrestling-Moves.
  3. Alright, next we need a single word motivation. Once again, the game gives us a few suggestions such as Revenge, Ego, Fury, or Love, but let’s go ahead and say Grabnock’s motivation is Thirst. Grabnock just wants a drink of water, but maybe the planet boiled it all away or something.
  4. Now for step four we need a Power Trigger, and this is the first part of character creation that actually has a mechanical influence on play. Power Triggers let us generate Power, which we use to access different Abilities during combat. There are a few suggestions, like Firing a Beam of Power or Helping a friend, but for Grabnock we’re gonna say it’s eating a chunk of unrefined plutonium. Gotta fuel that Fusion process somehow. So every time Grabnock eats a chuck of unrefined plutonium, they get a power of their chosen color. What’s a chosen color?
  5. It’s the fifth step of character creation! This is the second part that has a mechanical influence on play, and the only step that has limited options. We have to pick a color out of Red, Green, or Blue. Whatever we pick will determine some of the multipliers we have access to, and what influences our power generation. Since we want to make an informed decision here, let’s go take a look at what types of multiplies we can do with the different colors.
  6. We’ll talk more about this in depth in a minute, but Multipliers are a key point of dealing damage in 10MHPP. There are a lot of things that can influence your multipliers, but Power points in your selected color can be used to activate specific Resource Multipliers. Resource Multipliers add an extra dice to your damage roll, and multiply your full roll by a given number. Looking at this list of possible multipliers, Red seems to fit our melee focused Fusion Wrestler, so we’ll go ahead and take Red as our color.



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Dani Kirkham

Dani Kirkham

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